Projects Recommended for DRI Funding

Following their final meeting on August 12, the Peekskill DRI Local Planning Committee voted to recommend the following projects for DRI funding. After submission of the final DRI Strategic Investment Plan, New York State will review the list of projects recommended for funding and will select projects for funding from that list. Criteria for final award of funding include public support, feasibility, alignment with state and local goals, cost effectiveness, co-benefits, and catalytic effect.

1A:         Construct the Peekskill Art Center

1B:         Implement Public Wi-Fi in Lepore and Pugsley Parks and Low-Cost Internet Service for Bohlmann Towers and Barham Senior Houses

1C:         Create a Marketing and Branding Strategy with Wayfinding Signage

1D:         Solar Power Generation on N. Water Street         

2A:         Improve Connections for Pedestrians and Cyclists between the Waterfront and Downtown

2B:         Create Peekskill Plaza, Upgrade the Gazebo Plaza, and Improve Downtown Streetscapes

2C:         Implement the RIDE! Peekskill Hyper-Local Green Mobility System

3A:         Improve the Paramount Theater

3B:         Transform Downtown Peekskill with Public Art

3C:         Create a Library and Cultural Center within the HRH Care Health Center

4A:         Reconstruct Fleischmann Pier as a Premier Waterfront Destination

4B:         Create a Community Paddling and Environmental Education Center

4C:         Enhance Pugsley Park as a Downtown Attraction

4D:         Downtown Revitalization Fund

4E:         Enhance Monument Park, a Gateway into Downtown Peekskill

5A:         Redevelop 41 North Division Street

5B:         Transform the Kiley Youth Center as a New Location of the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester

5C:         Construct Mixed-Use Buildings on North Division Street Including Affordable Housing

5D:         Expand Field Library to Better Serve the Peekskill Community


Downtown Peekskill is a friendly, intergenerational, and diverse community that will leverage its lively arts, entertainment, and dining scene; excellent access to regional recreation opportunities; entrepreneurial spirit; and historic charm to welcome people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds to live, visit, learn, work, and raise a family.












Attract and support job opportunities for all skill and wage levels, helping both current and future residents establish and grow their careers and the City to expand its tax base, including through investments in critical infrastructure and the youth of the community.


Strengthen linkages from the central business district to the transit-oriented waterfront area and to adjacent residential neighborhoods, creating inviting and walkable connections for downtown visitors.


Establish Peekskill as a regional arts, cultural, and dining destination, with a diverse range of offerings that support tourism as well as local jobs.


Enhance the attractiveness of the downtown environment for residents and visitors alike, through improvements to streetscapes, public spaces, wayfinding and parking signage, and overall aesthetics.


Promote a healthy balance of downtown uses, including retail, restaurants, small businesses, cultural and community institutions, and housing, to support a 24/7 community.


Andre Rainey Mayor of Peekskill

Marsha Gordon Business Council of Westchester

Bill Balter Wilder Balter Partners

Kay Barthelmes Peekskill Conservation Advisory Council

Tom Carey Westchester Putnam Central Labor Body

Jonathan Drapkin Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

Brian Fassett Peekskill BID

Monica Flaherty Business Owner/Investor

Conor Greene Peekskill Walks

Louis Lanza Business Owner/Investor

Leslie Masson Peekskill Trolley Company

Sherry Mayo WCC Center for the Digital Arts

Deb Milone Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce

Ocean Morisset Peekskill Arts Alliance

Wilson Narvaez Business Owner

Charles Newman Business Owner

Kecia Palmer-Cousins Peekskill NAACP, Peekskill Youth Board

Maria Pereira Peekskill School Board

Bre Pettis Business Owner/Investor

Jeannette Phillips HRH Care

Joe Schuder Peekskill Human Relations Commission